Deciding to forgive is a long-term commitment, not a one and done

Forgiveness is an art. It’s an art because it requires creativity, patience, and a long-term commitment. It’s not a one and done.

It’s waking up each day recommitting to forgive. And it’s the only way to move forward.

Most humans cannot forgive and forget. If you hold this skill, you’re a select few. You see, forgetting what hurts us is not in human nature. We remember our pain. We always will.

We may remember it more or less some days. Some days we may not even remember at all. …

Everything in life involves relationships, and better relationships makes us better humans.

I’ve always understood the concept of the phrase “connections matter” to be that relationships are important and can help give you a boost when you need one. Most of the time, we picture employment when we think about connections. I.e. How can knowing someone help you get a job?

I recently came to understand it’s so much more than that. In fact, EVERYTHING in life is a matter of connections.

Our relationships with people mediate every aspect of our daily lives, shape our futures, and define our pasts. They determine the trajectory of where we will end up. As much…

Nothing in this life is free- You’ve heard it, but do you understand it?

I’ve recently had to go gluten free due to a Celiac Disease diagnosis. As a very frugal person, the prices of gluten free goods have been not only a shock, but quite annoying. To be honest, it’s one of the worst parts of the entire diagnosis.

However, I can’t complain.

The fact is, the cost to manufacture gluten free goods is higher. It costs money to eliminate gluten from products which would typically be gluten-filled. Further, there is a small market for these specialized products. …

Think of everything as an investment

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she mentioned an item she had recently bought. To be honest, I don’t remember exactly what it was. But it was something small and inexpensive. I told her, “Oh, what a good investment!”

She said, “Well, It’s not an investment but I’m happy with it.”

I thought about this conversation the rest of the night. The thing is, I think of everything as an investment.

More accurately, I think of how every single purchase will serve me in the future, and I minimize the items which I…

Spontaneity has its perks.

I’ve been blessed to travel quite a bit in my young life and as a very frugal person, I’ve learned some money saving hacks along the way. Here are a few of the tips I think are lesser known but have saved me so much money, thereby allowing me to travel more.

1) Show Up Late

Have you ever really wanted to take a spontaneous weekend trip but the hotel prices were too exorbitant so you called it off? As much as I love spontaneity, sometimes it comes at a cost.

However, what if I told you there’s a way you could actually save…

How I’ve handled leading teams diverse in motivation

Whether the organization you are a leader of is comprised of volunteers, people who were hired, elected, appointed, people paying to be there, or individuals who self-selected into joining the cause, there will always be some people who don’t care to be involved.

Or, more accurately, there will be some who care more, and some who care much less, than the average member.

As a leader, who inherently has more stake and emotional/physical investment in the organization, how do you handle this dichotomy? We don’t always have the choice to fire those whose motivation we disagree with. …

Meditation and yoga aren’t your only options

Sometimes we just feel off, and we don’t know why. Nothing bad has happened, we don’t have a mental health condition, and it’s not even a cloudy day. For some reason, we just feel down, sad, or flat.

Sometimes, as soon as we wake up we feel it. Other times, it hits us like a truck midway through the day with no rhyme or reason.

Over the years I’ve read a million articles on how to get out of these funks. Typically, they include journaling, meditating, doing yoga, or calling a friend. …

Small things add up, don’t neglect them

I recently watched a video by Shelby Church (highly recommend her YouTube channel by the way) talking about how it can be better to limit your to-do list to 3–5 items each day so that you can ensure completing those tasks is actually attainable.

While I completely understand the sentiment, I’ve found that personally, focusing on the big tasks sometimes means I forget about everything else that has to be done.

I’ve actually always had very long to-do lists, but I also set the expectation for myself from the get go that they won’t all get done in one day…

1) A house

I am currently 24 years old, and I am a very frugal person by nature. In fact, my very first article on Medium was a beginner’s guide to being frugal.

Lately, I’ve been finding myself splurging more and more on items. I think I’ve finally found the balance between being frugal most of the time, and buying items that are slightly more expensive but will make my life easier or more productive when it makes sense.

Here are some of the items I’ve splurged on the last 4 years which I have no regrets about.

1) A House

I did not buy a…

It had nothing to do with my coursework

As a child I imagined college as a place where you go and learn everything about the world. Everything that the adults around you already know. All of the mysteries and secrets you haven’t even yet to fathom.

I imagined all who graduated college being well, for lack of a better word, smart. They understood all of the mysteries of the world and had a secret glimpse into the true reality that I didn’t have yet.

Then, I went to college.

And the most important thing I learned during my four years of undergrad was not anything I learned through…

Trudy Horsting

Writer. PhD Student. Frugal Traveler. Passionate about education, health, balance, and saving money.

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