Hi, I’m Back!

After a 5 month Medium hiatus.

Trudy Horsting
3 min readJan 20, 2023
Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

It’s been a bit. This break from writing on Medium wasn’t intentional. Writing for fun simply became less of a priority over other things in my life.

And that’s okay. Life happens. Priorities naturally ebb and flow as the days go by. If they always stayed the same, that would be a bigger concern.

Here’s the problem though. As I began working on other priorities more, and wrote less, writing was no longer a habit. That means it became harder and harder to get back into it even as priorities shifted again.

Writing, like anything, is so much easier when it is habitiual. Ideas for articles flow more easily, the words for each article flow more quickly, and it’s easier to sit down and get a piece done because you have to rely less on motivation.

Habits Minimize the Need for Motivation

Motivation is critical for so many things in life. But it’s also a finite resource. there is only so much motivation we have each day and only so much energy we can devote to different tasks.

For some of our to-do list each day, we have to rely on our habits.

Habits are not built instantaneously. They are created by the things we do most frequently. It’s easy for our daily routine to become…



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