The Grass is Greener Where You Water it But What Happens When you Don’t Have Water?

Structuring your energy and asking for help is essential

Trudy Horsting
3 min readMar 8


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The quote, “the grass is greener where you water it” is used to encourage people to put energy into working to make their own life better instead of putting energy into thinking about how other people have it better.

The essence of the quote is great. Where we spend our energy determines our level of happiness, and ultimately, where we end up in this life.

However, energy can be hard to come by. Further, sometimes you have the energy but you don’t have the resources to water your own grass. It’s easy to feel stuck when these things collide.

There are two things which can help. First, you can rethink about how you structure your energy. Second, you can ask for some energy from someone else’s cup.

Structuring Your Energy

Structuring your energy is critical. You can’t do everything and you certainly can’t do everything all day, every day.

Just like watering your grass all day every day would be disastrous, so would watering it very infrequently, or not watering it at all. It’s important to structure your watering.

Think about when you have the most energy in the day, and schedule your productivity around those times. Remember that your productivity also needs to balance your different priorities.

Work is important as money is a necessity, but rest is also important. “Life” productivity is also important like grocery shopping and paying bills. Further, time with family and friends is important and spending time doing your own hobbies is important.

Have you ever heard a little kid saying that the vegetable box in their stomach is full but the one for dessert is empty? It’s the same with our boxes of energy. We may have a full cup of energy for our work, but our box to spend time with family is…



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