Two Stupidly Easy ways I Eliminated Insecurity in the Gym

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Trudy Horsting
4 min readJun 12, 2023
Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

Social media can easily amplify our insecurities. Even the accounts that aim to motivate and provide encouragement can bring feelings of self doubt and inadequacy to the surface.

For instance, I follow a lot of fitness pages on Instagram to get workout inspirations. However, sometimes when looking at those incredibly fit individuals I just feel defeated. I’ll think- “I’ll never look like that.” “That’s unattainable for me.” “How does she do it?”

It feels unattainable because we didn’t get to watch their process of growth. They didn’t come out of the womb looking like that. They learned along the way, worked hard, went through trial and error, and eventually became a fitness expert.

It didn’t happen overnight. But for onlookers, it can feel as though it did.

Everyone has a before and after.

I don’t look like those fitness influencers. I’m in my “before.” And at first I was incredibly intimidated to go to the gym. I didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t want to look stupid, and didn’t want to get hurt.

Here are two ways I finally got over my gym anxiety and began working out for me. It’s been one of the best things for my mental and physical…



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